Understanding Stuf Poker Payouts

Caribbean Stud is a poker variation that has captured the hearts of thousands of people worldwide. The bestfreeonlinepoker.org website is the best place to start your online poker journey. Though this is the case, there are still those who are unsure of the odds and payouts associated with the game.

Win or Lose

Caribbean Stud is one of the simplest poker variants to play as the player is simply required to make one decision: fold or play. Once the cards are dealt, the dealer and the player display their cards; whoever has the best hand wins. However, understanding which hands are better than others and how different hands earn different amounts of money is very important for developing play and betting strategies. Get poket tips from poker players online.

Dealer Qualification

In some variations of Caribbean Stud, the dealer must qualify before the game can play out. When this is the case, the dealer must possess a King or higher; if not, the dealer forfeits and the player receives a payout of one to one. However, if the dealer qualifies and has a hand better than that of the player, the player receives no payout whatsoever and loses his ante to the house. Master rebuy poker strategy to keep your winning streak.

Other Payouts

The most lucrative hand in Caribbean Stud is the Royal Flush and the payout for this is 100 to one. However, players must remember that the odds of actually creating this hand are negligible. A straight pair, on the other hand, will net a payout of four to one and a flush will net five to one. If a player can create a full house, they will receive a payout of seven to one. Payouts equal 20 to one for a four of a kind and 50 to one for a straight flush.

Players should remember that, in general, the higher the payout amount, the lower the odds of actually getting that hand. Using the above examples, it can be deduced that it is much more realistic to anticipate a full house than to anticipate a straight flush. Get awesome online poker bonuses from different casino sites.