Single Zero Roulette

There are two main types of roulette games available in casinos, and understanding the differences between them can lead to a discernible difference in earnings. Other online casino games can be found here at like the top poker sites. Finding the best roulette game available is the first step to increasing the size of any player's bankroll. Increase your bankroll by playing roulette .

Two Types of Roulette

Most casinos offer players two types of roulette--American and European. Online roulette is also exciting game like poker and blackjack. American roulette wheels are often referred to as double zero wheels because they have an extra 'pocket' that results in zero winnings for the player. European roulette--or single zero roulette--is said to be the best roulette game because it only has a single zero pocket; this results in better odds for the player. Because the American wheel has an extra pocket, it significantly increases the house's edge against the player.

Finding the Best Single Zero Roulette

Since single zero roulette is the European version of the game, people often think that casinos in the United States do not offer the version. This is not true, however; many Las Vegas casinos are reported to offer the best roulette game to its high-rolling patrons. This means that players who want to play single zero roulette should be prepared to put up a hefty sum of money for a turn at the wheel. Golden Nugget, Luxor, MGM Grand, Paris and Wynn Las Vegas offer European roulette at certain times or by request. The live blackjack online is exciting as playing inside the land-based casinos.

People who enjoy playing games like blackjack or slots online will also enjoy playing the best roulette game available--single zero roulette. It can be found in several Vegas casinos as well as online, and it gives players a huge opportunity to strike it rich.